Art Galleries Provide Unique Gifts and Memories of Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman has a bulk of artists and art galleries, a lot of of them ambrosial to visitors searching for a admonition of their time on the island. However, I'm starting this commodity with a arcade you can't buy from (except at the allowance shop) -- The Grand Cayman National Art Gallery. This arcade is, at present, housed at Harbour Abode on South Church Street in George Town but it is due to move to new bounds out on Harquail Bypass actual soon. The National Arcade hosts all-embracing touring exhibitions as able-bodied as capturing Cayman activity through the eyes of artists over the decades. It's the ideal atom for some superior quiet time.

If your plan is to start, add to, or annular out your own, or anyone else's, collection, you charge to attending at the added galleries Grand Cayman has to offer. I'll alpha with the a lot of 'Caribbean' of Cayman's galleries -- Pure Art. Pure Art, on South Church Street, is aswell the a lot of bright of Cayman gallery. It appearance Cayman art, capturing the adorableness of the islands, the surrounding ocean, the beaches acreage and sea share, the plants and flowers that accomplish Cayman so vivid, and the way humans accept added to all of that through their accustomed lives, like their pastel-painted homes.

Another arcade absorption on bounded artists is the Al Ebanks Flat and Arcade in George Town. This is a arcade that grew out of bounded artisan Al Ebanks own studio. Today it appearance not alone beheld arts but aswell the works of bounded writers and musicians. Ebanks is a acceptable Cayman ancestors name as is Bodden and, not to be outdone, the NasArt arcade is endemic by, and showcases the plan of, Luelan Bodden. This artist's work, in mosaics, paintings, and sculptures, is a anarchism of blush and anatomy as the arcade itself abundantly demonstrates.

Cayman artist, Horacio Esteban, works in Caymanite, a semi-precious bounded stone. His gallery, the Esteban Gallery, is amid in the AALL Bank & Trust architecture at Fort and North Church Streets and is accessible every day but Sunday. A arcade that appearance all the bounded artists, and added besides, is Island Art & Framing next to the Black Pearl Skate and Wave Park at Grand Harbour. This arcade appearance travel-sized art as does the next gallery...

24K-Mon Art gallery, amid in Buckingham Square on Seven Mile Beach, aswell specializes in art you can calmly yield or address home. From photos of ancient Cayman, through brass, bronze, and ceramics to acrylic treasures, this arcade appearance all the bounded Cayman artists.

The Kennedy Arcade on West Bay Road in the Seven Mile Beach breadth carries plan by bounded artists and aswell all-embracing artists. Here you'll acquisition watercolors, oils and some abate sculptures. The Morgan Arcade in Galleria Plaza aswell appearance bounded and all-embracing artists and in an elegant, adult setting. This is a abode for quiet contemplation, a abode to flavor the alternative afore your purchase.

Cathy Church's Underwater Photo Arcade is aswell on South Church Street and alone a abbreviate ambit from Pure Art; appointment one again appointment the other. For beauteous photos of the apple about Grand Cayman, this is the abode to go. And, if you want, they'll even advice you yield bigger pictures of your own underwater adventures.

Cathy Church's arcade is about underwater images and, as such, is beneath 'arty' than Pure Art but it's actual abutting to the next gallery's theme. Guy Harvey paints underwater and added ocean scenes. His arcade is at 49 Harbour Drive in accessible ability of the cruise address terminal. The arcade is allotment of a amalgamation with the Guy Harvey's Island Grill and a boutique affairs a advanced alternative of items with his artwork emblazoned on them. You will see examples of his plan as you access at Owen Roberts All-embracing airport.

Guy Harvey has a ample alternative of interests, Bernard K Passman, on the added hand, is added focused. He's a sculptor but don't be put off by the accepted angel of sculpting, you will be able to backpack his plan home with you. Passman works in Black Coral, which, with the accession of such abstracts as gold, argent and adored gemstones, makes for absolutely aboriginal gifts. There are two Passman galleries, one on Fort Street and one on Cardinal Avenue.

Bernard K Pressman and Guy Harvey aim for a flush audience but Grand Cayman has an Arts & Crafts fair for those who like art but are on a tighter budget. The Cayman Craft Market opens Mon - Fri, 8:30 am to 3 message on South Church Street and Boilers Road and able-bodied account a visit, even if you're just humans watching.