Art Galleries in Nassau

In Nassau, the National Art Arcade of the Bahamas in fact does angle out from the so abounding art galleries that are present in the city. It is amid aural the Villa Doyle on West Hill Street. This celebrated architecture dates aback to the 1860s and has been preserved anxiously anytime since. It was the abode of the Chief Justice afore getting adapted into an art gallery.

The afresh adapted National Art Arcade of the Bahamas includes endless paintings and is aswell home to an array of ceramics, photographs and textiles, the a lot of of it date from the closing allotment of the 20th aeon onwards.

National Art Arcade of the Bahamas

The National Art Arcade of the Bahamas is amid at Villa Doyle, West Hill Street, Nassau, Bahamas. You can acquaintance them with the blast amount +1 242 328 5800. Amid in Nassau, not far from Paradise Island is the National Art Arcade of the Bahamas.

This arbitrary architecture resides in a standalone architecture and showcases Bahamian art that includes pieces by award-winning abreast artisan Antonius Roberts. It aswell contains mural paintings that were created by the arresting American artisan Winslow Homer (1836 to 1910). In animosity of accepting some of the art on affectation that may not bout to everyone's taste, it is an absorbing account giving anybody something to be absorbed in. It corresponds to periods from pre - colonial times to the present.

The arcade will be opened from Tuesday to Saturday and the timings are 10:00 to 16:00

Doongalik Studios

Doongalik Studios resides at Marina Village at Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas, BS. Their acquaintance amount is +1 242 363 1313.This is a actual acclaimed arcade in Marina Village. It is a shop-cum-gallery and the alone one of its blazon in this allotment of Paradise Island. The owner, Jackson Burnside, was the artist of the Marina Village complex.

This accumulation shows off Bahamian ability to a tee. The Doongalik Studios includes affluence of abreast art works that accommodate oil paintings by John Cox and Jessica Colebrooke. They are kept for auction forth with assorted reasonable avant-garde sculptures.

This arcade is accessible all canicule from 10:00 to 22:00 and acceptance is chargeless for everyone.

There are cheap flights accessible if tickets are appointed aboriginal to appointment Nassau.

Nassau Community College

The Nassau Community College Art Department presents acceptance the affairs to airing about the artistic action through a advanced ambit of courses in aesthetics and address with our advanced studios and labs. The painting, drawing, ceramics and carve studios forth with avant-garde photography and computer labs are alone in the Metropolitan area.